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President Trump Rips up the Constitution/Nancy Pelosi rips up his speech.

The President’s Exemptions from the Requirements of Citizenship

It would appear that it is far easier to be elected president of the country than it is to become a naturalized citizen.

Here are a sample of the questions in Part 12 of the U.S. naturalization application form: USCIS Form N-400.

–Do you owe any overdue Federal, state or local taxes?

–Have you EVER been a member of, or in any way associated (either directly or indirectly) with:

(A) The Communist Party?

(B) Any other totalitarian Party?

–Have you EVER persecuted (either directly or indirectly) any person because of race, religion, national origin, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion?

–Were you EVER involved in any way with…the following?

(E) Forcing, or trying to force, someone to have any kind of sexual contact or relations?

–Have you EVER committed, assisted in committing, or attempted to commit, a crime or offense for which you were not arrested?

–Have you EVER given any U.S. Government officials any information or documentation that was false, fraudulent, or misleading?

–Have you EVER applied for any kind of exemption from military service in the U.S. Armed forces?

–Do you support the Constitution and form of Government of the United States?

–Do you understand the full Oath of Allegiance to the United States.

–An applicant answering “Yes” to the first seven questions, and “No” to the last two would stand little chance of being granted citizenship.

But what if the current occupant of the White House was pressed, under oath, to answer truthfully to these questions in order to qualify as a presidential candidate?

You don’t need to answer that. We made him president, knowing full well who he was.

And now that the Senate has anointed him king, he is now exempt from another naturalization requirement( Part 12, question 4, of the N-400 application form):

–Do you now have, or did you EVER have, a hereditary title or an order of nobility in any foreign country?

–If you answered “Yes,” are you willing to give up any inherited titles or an order of nobility that you have in a foreign country at your naturalization ceremony?

Well, if there is one thing we know about the president is that he might squander an inheritance, but he will never, ever give it up.

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